About Us.


Our Team


Nicole Northcott

President / Operations

As the president of Range Wellness, Nicole oversees the business operations for the company. Starting out in technical roles, Nicole quickly transitioned into project management where she has 10 years experience in planning, managing, scheduling, budget control, and execution of several multi-million dollar technical projects. This experience has allowed her to guide and manage the team to ensure that everything is running smoothly, all deadlines are met, and Range is ready for its proposed release date.


Natasha Tiemstra

Vice President / Research

Natasha is the Vice President of Range Wellness and brings her physiotherapy expertise to create a product that not only will be beneficial to clients, but will add value for the healthcare professional. With over ten years in Health Services, Natasha provides technical guidance to the engineers building and maintaining Range as well as supports the user experience group from our target clients’ perspective. She completed her MBA in 2018, and alongside her practical experience, this uniquely qualifies Natasha to also provide key insights from a business standpoint.


Scott Morton


Scott is a key part of the Range team as he has over 15 years of project management experience including budgeting, financial reporting, and strategic and long-term business planning. With his expanded knowledge working with technical and analytical data, and his excellent problem-solving skills, Scott is responsible for managing the key business strategy and financial aspects of the company.


Darren Northcott


With ten years of product design under his belt, Darren is dedicated to creating  and designing the utmost usable experience. He has worked with several international companies including MEC, Vivametrica, Nissan, and Anheuser Busch. His extensive background in user experience combined with the technical knowledge of design allows him to fully understand what users need while creating a simple yet innovative product.


Greg Lund


With a passion for technology, Greg has over 15 years experience as a electrical engineer. He has been a part of three successful startup companies and has progressively held positions of greater responsibility during his engineering career. Greg started designing and testing hardware early in his career and most recently held the position of Director of Engineering for a company that develops sportswear for high performance athletes.